Standard assemblies are virtually limitless due to the many combinations of thermocouple elements, sheath materials, sheath diameters, insulations, junction styles, and fittings. Our sales team can assist you in specifying the optimum combination of materials for a product with maximum design life in your application.

Select from the products below to configure Thermocouples


Naba-Pak with Pigtails
Series 6P

Naba-Pak with Sheath Spring
Series 6V

Naba-Pak with Connector
Series 6Q

Naba-Pak with Transition Leadwires
Series 6L

Naba-Pak with Leadwires & Welded Hex Fitting
Series 6F

Naba-Pak with Leadwires & Spring Loaded Hex Fitting
Series 6G

Naba-Pak with Connection Head
Series 6C

Naba-Pak with Connection Head & Welded SS Hex Fitting
Series 6W

Naba-Pak with Connection Head & Spring Loaded SS Hex Fitting
Series 6S

Naba-Pak with Connection Head & Spring Loaded Nipple
Series 6N

Naba-Pak with Connection Head & Spring Loaded Nipple-Union-Nipple
Series 6U

Naba-Pak with Weld Pad
Series 6X

Naba-Pak with Transition Leadwires & Weld Pad
Series 6Y

Naba-Pak Magnet Thermocouple
Series 6M

Naba-Pak Handle Thermocouple with Coil Cord
Series 6H

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