Metal/Ceramic Pipe Assemblies

Select from the products below to configure Thermocouples


Straight Metal Pipe Assembly
Series 2M

Angle Metal Pipe Assembly
Series 2A

Ceramic Assembly with a 1/2" NPT Process Fitting
Series 3F

Ceramic Assembly with a 3/4" NPT Process Fitting
Series 3G

Ceramic Assembly with a 1" NPT Process Fitting
Series 3H

Cermic Assembly with a 1-1/4" NPT Process Fitting
Series 3M

Ceramic Assembly with a Stainless Steel Pipe Nipple
Series 3P

Ceramic Assembly with a Stainless Steel Pipe Sleeve
Series 3Q

Ceramic Assembly with an Open Terminal-Laboratory Head
Series 3V

Double Tube Assemblies
Series 3X, 3Y

Base Metal Elements
Series 1A

Noble Metal Elements
Series 1P

Vacuum Furnace Thermocouple
Series 7V

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